Land Application Systems/Pipeline Inspection

EnviroCheck has designed a revolutionary system that distributes well water in such a manner that there are no water trucks needed to distribute water anymore.  If laboratory analysis permits, our Dial-A-Flo evenly distributes what used to be called “hauled water” around the well location without erosion or any distressed vegetation.  This process saves companies hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend on adding new locations.

Underground Storage Tank  and Aboveground Storage Tank Removal

EnviroCheck personnel are licensed in West Virginia (Class B), Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky for removal registered underground storage tanks.  Underground storage tanks are removed for various reasons but EnviroCheck’s is experience in navigating the regulatory requirements make this painless.  Envirocheck can also help in registering, spill prevention protocol, and countermeasures plan preparation with aboveground storage tanks.

Vacuum Services

EnviroCheck maintains a slid in, portable vacuum unit that can be remotely transported with a skid steer to access difficult sites. 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESA’s are needed for property acquisitions and are a vital part of acquiring property.  Many states make the property owners responsible for any environmental concerns that are present on the properties.  Phase I ESA’s are prepared according to the Industry ASTM Standard E1527-05 and the new Federal All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) regulations..  Phase I’s are vital for establishing responsible parties before the acquisition, and many financial institutions require this before loaning monies.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II ESA’s are required after a Phase I has established a possible environmental concern.  Phase II ESA’s require  installing a few soil borings upon which laboratory analysis confirms any possible environmental concerns. 

Sampling and Ground Water Monitoring

From time to time sampling of soil and/or ground water monitoring is needed usually on a quarterly basis.  Sampling is provided by EnviroCheck, after the Phase II has established reasoning for doing so.  Types of sampling include low flow and micro-purge.


Envirocheck has three rigs available for drilling services.  EnviroCheck offers another useful service of drilling to obtain soil and ground water data at the site.  The drill rigs drill very small (2” diameter) borings, which means very little disturbance to the area of investigation.  The rigs are also beneficial to investigate convenience stores because they are small borings and do not interfere with business.  Additionally, EnviroCheck has the capabilities to conduct the investigations that are convenient to client’s requirements.

Environmental  Compliance

EnviroCheck has a great reputation with state and federal agencies.  We take great pride in the relationships that have been built between ourselves and regulators. 

Asbestos Inspection Services

Envirocheck’s asbestos inspection services are second to none in terms of conducting asbestos inspections.  We have six asbestos inspectors and two project monitor's.  EC’s inspectors have done such projects as the Grundy Flood Project in which no additional asbestos was identified by the demolition contractor.  Projects include simple residential to large scale commercial buildings.

Air Knife Services

Envirocheck also provides air knife services which is very important for marking utilities and finding underground utilities.